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Meet the Lab Group


Lys Kang

Undergraduate Student

Swarthmore College, 2024

Major: Engineering

Minor: Applied Mathematics

Academic interests: 

  • Environmental Engineering​​

  • Material Sciences

Personal information:

I am an international student from São Paulo, Brazil. Growing up in a developing city with a polluted river, I have always been interested in water treatment and understanding how to improve current systems to alleviate the detriments of urbanization. 

Outside of the classroom, I play for the women's badminton team. In my free time, I enjoy photography and horseback riding. 


Double Major: Engineering & Astrophysics

Academic interests: 

  • Environmental Engineering

  • Aerospace Engineering

Personal information:

Originally, I'm from the great state of Texas which is known for its Oil & Gas industry. As I grew up, I began to notice the destruction and travesties that came with the Oil & Gas industry and of my home state. As I begin my career, my main goal is to gain knowledge about water reuse in the power sector and bring this back to my community and begin to rebuild Texas as a more environmental conscious state.

Outside of the classroom, I enjoy reading about cosmology, playing guitar, and practicing lacrosse with my teammates.

Roe Crawford

Undergraduate Student

Swarthmore College, 2025

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